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We are headed to Japan!

We are headed to Japan!

So a few of you guessed we are headed to Sochi for the Olympics. As much as I wish this were true, sadly we are not going that direction. However, for those of you dying to know how I’d celebrate the Olympic opening ceremonies, I have a treat for you in a couple of weeks! […]

Another Week in the Books

Another Week in the Books

The good: I attended a baby shower for a friend who is on her way to the hospital right now to have her first baby! It was fun getting tips on where to buy crafty stuff – this baby shower had all kinds of paper craft decorations and yummy snacks. Then, my big success for […]

What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

Blogging helps me control the stress of moving… or at least I’m telling myself that. So, given that fact, and since you’re all wondering, here’s a very, very brief recap of our last 2 months in food: Obviously, when in Korea, you must try authentic Korean barbeque: Our first official Korean barbecue experience, complete with […]

We're moving, again?

We’re moving, again?

Well, after that last somewhat depressing post, I have an interesting follow up announcement! Just when we thought we were done with this: …And this: …it looks like we will be taking our sweet pups to a new apartment. Don’t worry, we are not leaving Korea, but we need to make some changes for a […]

Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor, I am sorry if my dog was bothering you today when she needed to go to the bathroom. I’m sure you enjoy someone yelling at you while you do what needs to be done. I’m also sorry that picking up after her wasn’t enough to satisfy your urge to emphatically tell us that […]

What to do when your dog locks you out: Or, "My Afternoon"

What to do when your dog locks you out: Or, “My Afternoon”

So, I always thought dog shaming photos were funny, but ours never really did anything crazy enough to require such public humiliation. Until today, friends – today was the day. Well, where do I begin? It’s rather simple. My Korean agency rep came over to help me sort out a mail situation. The post office […]

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