On the horizon

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s a snuggly, sleepy evening here on the lane.  One of our own is notably missing, though.  ‘J-Mar’ as I’ll call him, is in the middle of his workday in Ulsan, South Korea.  It’s probably lunch time, but he is probably not eating kimchi. In any case, he is at the beginning of a big juncture in our lives.  Today he was officially announced as the new Project Controls Engineer at a heavy industries fabrication yard, a position in oil development projects that will be based in Ulsan for the next two years or so.

Meanwhile (back at the ranch), I’m preparing to make the move with him, which involves all sorts of fine details, not limited to obtaining rabies test results, contract negotiation, cleaning out my craft room, hoarding toiletries that are considered precious for a (future) Korean expat, and in general hitting the proverbial “fast forward” button on my life.  The next 6 weeks or so will be a blur of boxes, paperwork, goodbyes, and nervousness as we anticipate a new life experience with each other.

Neither of us know exactly where this may lead.  (At least J has been to Korea.  Knows a few words, too.)  But with open minds, a little bit of luck, and a lot of willingness to brave the unknown, we’ll have a wonderful new adventure.  And, of course, it won’t hurt to have a couple of furry kids to keep us company.

Sweet dreams.

5 responses to “On the horizon”

  1. Eileen Prilutski

    We wish you both much luck and love in your move to Korea. We have made 11 moves throughout Dave’s career, all very different from each other and we have taken away many good memories and friends. Try to keep an open mind in your new location and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way while there. love to both of you and your “furry kids”, eileen and dave prilutski

  2. Mary Bostelman

    Wow, That is both exciting and adventurous ! Embrace the culture, make life long friends and Skype with grandma Nancy. ! :). Keep in touch ! With love, Mary & Kermit .

  3. Suzie

    Awwww… here we go! Have a blast. No reservations. Leaving big gap in houston hearts….

  4. Teresa Brown

    I am both excited and wimpering inside. But you are a lucky couple to go places together! I hope dad & I get to see you before you make your journey. Now Grandma Brown must get internet to the house, so she can Skype with you! Let us know if you ever need anything from “home”. Love you both! T (& Dad)

  5. Kristene Furan

    Looking forward of hearing about all of your exciting adventures and, of course, to visiting you! Perhaps you will learn to cook new Asian dishes. Most of all, I am happy that you are both so excited! Keep your blog updated so we can hear about everything as it happens……

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