Another Week in the Books

The good: I attended a baby shower for a friend who is on her way to the hospital right now to have her first baby! It was fun getting tips on where to buy crafty stuff – this baby shower had all kinds of paper craft decorations and yummy snacks. Then, my big success for the week was finding a rug for the dining room for the equivalent of $30 USD! I was so happy to find something to spruce up the apartment – pictures to come once I’m done contact-papering the crap out of the place.

It may look questionable now, but just wait til you see the finished room.

The bad: Poor Murray re-injured his little toe, and also barked quite a bit at some insanely loud Korean handy-people (there were two women who came to help with the washer). The “noise” is what urged us to move from our other place, so it makes me a little paranoid. However, I’ve heard more than one other dog barking around here so it seems to be a little more tolerable to other residents. And, as usual, Murray is coping just fine, with a smile.

What injury?

The ugly: Making (or keeping) appointments, for anything, is the bane of my existence right now. Since we have moved into our new place, it seems someone from the compound office “needs to come by for maintenance” every other day. This is what happens when you let an apartment sit vacant for months, people. Light bulbs don’t work (or are hanging out of the ceiling), the washing machine is full of mildew, and the bathroom vents are blowing air into the shower.

The real problem is, appointment times for these things, from my experience, are really non-existent. The best you can get out of a Korean maintenance person is “this morning” or “after 3 pm”. But is that 3:30 pm or 8 pm? The world may never know. For us, it’s important to be able to count on a time because we need to make sure the dogs are secure and won’t scare the bejeezus out of the handyman. Oh, and if you can’t be home when they want to come, you are expected to allow them access while you’re absent. So, there are a lot of people who have access to our door code if they want it.

In any case, once they do decide to meander over, they send 4 people to fix one problem, and they can only seem to manage one thing at a time – there has been someone at the apartment EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. this week. And right on cue, I literally just got up to let a random handyman in to “check the gas”…??

The brand-spanking-new automatic fire extinguisher installed above our stovetop.

There is a positive side, because you really don’t have to make an appointment for things like seeing the vet. You can just walk in and be seen quite quickly. But then, there are nail salons, which take appointments days in advance and it’s really difficult to get a walk in. It’s so confusing! I don’t think I’ll ever attempt to make a dinner reservation here.

In effort to end on a positive note, our washing machine is actually operating (only two more loads to go to catch up!), we have a new automatic fire extinguisher above our oven, and the place is starting to come into the 21st century. How was your week?

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