Dongulsan Bowling League

Check out these fine fellows! J and I barely made it over to the bowling alley tonight due to sudden but intense illness that (hopefully I’m not jinxing myself here) is fading as fast as it came.

J, Scott and KM, with me and Anish in front

We make an awesome awkward family photo, right? We have spent the past 5 weeks in a bowling tournament with this team, and I have got to give them props for supporting my excruciatingly low scores. They always had a smile and high five waiting for me, even when I got gutter balls! My highest score was 95 and my lowest was 55. J is way better… always has a knack for athletic competition. Nothing new. One thing I did discover, however, was that drinking wine helps my bowling score. A lot. This is a BYOB place, after all.


We actually did fairly well, losing in the semi-final round but easily taking third place. Except they claim there will be a match for that next week!

2 responses to “Dongulsan Bowling League”

  1. Lauren

    Looks like fun!!!!!!

  2. mom

    impressive! you guys make a cute group!

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