5 responses to “Five upgrades every household needs NOW”

  1. Mom

    Heated floors, of course! Love the new look of the blog!

  2. Leo

    I’ve been in Korea since 2013, and this post had me nodding my head all the way! a few notes from a guy’s POV (and dog owner):

    5- The fridge door: Husbands forget to close this darned thing tightly all the time. Source of scolding.

    4- in floor heating is nice. Just beware it can cook things left on it. iPods… Memory cards… and other small electronics. Likewise if your dog has an accident and you don’t notice, you don’t want to see the residue after the water/moisture has evaporated overnight…

    3- Motion sensor lights are no fun when you have dogs in the house that like to pace at night. on, off. on. off. on, off…..

    2- if you see two ladies, don’t open. unless you want to have them attempt to change your faith… in korean.

    1- Every man can put an end to all skid marks on undies with a properly used bidet. the single greatest invention coming from this side of the pacific. Accept it. Embrace it.

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