J-Mar’s 30th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

I turn 26 today, how incredibly eventful! Really, it’s more ironic because I’m finally getting my act together to post about someone else’s special birthday last month. I got teased for the copious amount of effort I put into J-Mar’s Ultimate Birthday Scavenger Hunt. I’ve just decided that deserves proper noun capitalization.

Anyway, the idea was that each day, J-Mar would get a clue to tell him about our fun “activity” that day, so it turned into his 30th birthday week. I could sense he wasn’t feeling too great about the big birthday, and I wanted to keep it lighthearted and fun so he could have positive memories of it instead of going into the next decade depressed about being “old”. So, a few months in advance I started doing some research to see what epic adventures I could plan for the week. Then, the crafter in me bought a bunch of coordinating envelopes, wrapping paper, ribbons, and well, you get the idea. I may have gone overboard. Sorry, not sorry.

Day 1, Monday morning.

J-Mar receives a couple of red envelopes on his desk at work, delivered by some co-workers. He opens them to discover a few puzzle pieces inside. What could this be?


I had ordered a DIY puzzle that I crafted a clue with, though my drawing skills are not the best. As the day progressed, the pieces kept coming. I had arranged for a couple of his coworkers to distribute the red envelopes and give the envelopes to J-Mar throughout the day. I think he managed to get all but one by the end of the day, but it didn’t matter because he got the important parts of the message:


J-Mar came home to discover an exciting new gift inside his picnic basket (I am fully aware that looks nothing like a basket on the puzzle, don’t judge). A special piece of technology that I would use to communicate with him throughout the week. He even got a new email address (jmarturns30@gmail.com) for the occasion.

Disappointingly, the weather was pretty bad that day, and it ruined my plans to take him on a hike by the beach for a picnic dinner. Instead, we had a picnic in the living room with our furkids, which I think we enjoyed just as much! If anything, my favorite part of the day was seeing how happy and excited J-Mar was that this would be a week-long adventure. He was impressed by my puzzle, too.


The next day, J-Mar came home to another clue that it was time for some board game fun! Along with a fun new watch as a gift, I invited a couple of our friends over for one of our favorite activities as of late, board game night! We discovered the board game Pandemic, where you work as a team to stop a mystery pandemic from spreading across the world. If you knew what I did for a living, you would understand how amazing this game was for me, but the others enjoyed it too.


As you can see, the week started out pretty tame. For Wednesday night, J-Mar came home to a clue and a gift waiting at the dining table: A new backpack that he had been eyeing. Side note: all the ladies out there can sympathize with me about how darn hard it is to buy a man a gift! When we were in Hong Kong, J-Mar stopped at a street seller and bought a backpack while I was wandering down the street somewhere else. I was not able to hide my shock and sort of gave away that this gift would be coming at some point, but I was fuming! It was even harder to contain my emotion when he kept trying to stop and look at discount iPads from the street vendors too. Men, take note: if your birthday is coming up, DON’T BUY STUFF!!


I digress. The backpack contained a six pack of various beers and a pair of… Mario socks? What could this mean? Oh, there was also a shirt inside that had belonged to J-Mar’s grandfather, a classic bowling league shirt! I had J-Mar’s friend Ryan organize a group of people to meet us at the bowling alley for a couple of games and it was a lot of fun!


Thursday was less eventful, but J-Mar got a passport cover and wallet to tell him we’d be going to Italy for the evening … well, really just dining at our favorite Korean-Italian place, Grappa. Dinner was yummy!


For Friday, I originally wanted to send J-Mar on a golf adventure of some sort, since he hasn’t really used his clubs much since we moved. However, plans changed when I arranged for some special weekend visitors. So, Friday we took the rain check on our hike and went up the nearby mountain with the dogs. After wearing everybody out, we had a cozy dinner at home. It may not have been fancy, but it was a nice night together, and sometimes those are the most fun. Plus, we needed a good night’s sleep to gear up for the exciting weekend ahead! To be continued…

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  1. Mom

    Another excellent post! Keep them coming!

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