July 2014 Recap

Since I keep saying that I/we have been so busy, I thought I’d post an update of what we did around Ulsan all July! This is skipping forward from a big trip in June that I have yet to chronicle, but never fear, it’s on the way.

July saw a myriad of social events, and we could barely keep our plans straight. Every weekend we have been out and about with friends, celebrating one thing or another. First there was the Fourth of July on the beach. For whatever reason, being away from the US seems to make celebrating our Independence Day that much more important. There were a lot of American expat events going on, and it was a lot of fun. I even made some red white and blue cupcakes to ensure we had some good ol’ American dessert.


Then, my birthday rolled around and I was fortunate enough to have a friend to celebrate with. Michelle’s birthday is July 15th, so we combined celebrations and had a fun lunch, with an adorable Pororo cake from the girls.


We also hosted a super fun “college night” themed birthday party at the clubhouse. This was complete with lots of beer pong and flip cup, and lots of Big 10 alumni, apparently!


Hannah and I managed to both sink a ping pong ball in our last cup, soundly defeating our opponents, hence the celebration. It was epic; there was squealing. There were also lots of kimchi poses, selfies and weird faces!


We organized a send-off dinner and noraebang (karaoke) night for Chelsea, who has headed back to the US with her husband for good. I took the tambourine a little too seriously, but it was a really fun night with the girls (and the tag along guys had fun, too):


Then, last weekend was a festival at Ilsan beach put on by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), which is the company that owns the fabrication yards that employ 99.9% of Ulsan. They put on a huge fireworks show, and although we weren’t expecting anything grandiose, we were pleasantly surprised at the show. Plus, we got a lot of laughs at the Koreans essentially watching it all through their smart phones. Seriously, every hand was up in the air taking photos and videos the whole time.


Speaking of, we made a video of our adventures from last weekend with Hannah and Rob, which also included an awesome 28 mile bike ride to and from the bamboo forest near downtown, along the Taehwa River. We also had some “family time” with the dogs, getting a bit of wind on a short drive up the east coast of Korea. Check it out:

Otherwise, I’ve been keeping busy with part-time work and lots of craft projects: baby aprons for friends, regular-sized-people aprons, and some cloth napkins shown here. We’ve also been planning a TON of upcoming travel adventures, maintaining 2.5 hours of Korean lessons each week, as well as exploring new recipes. I tried an awesome Thai curry which will probably become a staple in our house! Who can go wrong with lots of basil and cilantro?


As for this blog’s namesakes, there has been a lot of: 1) lounging, 2) skyping with Uncle Mozart, 3) having staring contests with the ball stuck under the living room chair, 4) and playing with our friend Austin who loves to come and visit!


How was your month? I’m dizzy trying to remember all of mine!

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