6 responses to “Lost in translation”

  1. briggitz

    My boyfriend and his roommate have the same problem with their washer/dryer, the time changes dramatically all the time. In 2 years I still don’t know how the washers work here. Also, I want your dryer to be my new pet :p

    1. akbrown19

      Well, as long as you want a lint covered pet, that could work!

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  3. Jennifer

    Thanks for your blog… very interesting! My husband tells me there is a 75% chance we are moving to Ulsan in the summer (he’s with XOM would be working with HHI). We shall see. I’d be interested in getting info on how you decided to live where you live. We have 2 elementary school aged children, so we are looking at HFC… good idea? or no? Thanks in advance for any input! jennym412@hotmail.com

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