Moving day(s)

If I knew how much packing I’d have to do, I would have run again.
-Harry S. Truman

Our moving truck.

This baby arrived along with a crew of 4 movers to help us sort, pack and haul our life into boxes. It took Julio and his crew all of yesterday and most of today to pack up almost everything we own. We are allotted an “immediate needs” air shipment, about the equivalent of 3-4 large suitcases, and one large sea container (8′ x 8’6″ x 20′), which will arrive in 5-6 weeks in Korea. Yesterday we completed the air and sea shipments, but they loved us so much they came back for a second day to go through everything headed to storage.

So. I came up with a fun little game for all you readers. The Price is Right should definitely hire me. Let’s guess: which of the following did we pack to take with us, and what stayed to be put in storage?

Round One

Leopard table lamp, J’s handprint from 1989, Prom King 2002 garb.

Leopard table lamp: If you guessed storage, you’re right! We may have been able to simply switch out the light bulb on this bad boy, but we decided we didn’t have to have this to decorate our new space.

We’re gonna handprint like it’s 1989: There’s no way we could live with ourselves if this broke in the move, so we packed it up to keep for a couple of years.

There he is, Prom King ’02: Ladies, simmer down. I know my man is quite the looker, and none of you should be shocked that he won Prom King in high school. (Okay, if you want the real story, just ask him how Prom King and Queen are chosen in G-town, Ohio). But another item we just couldn’t bear to not have in the future (for costume purposes or otherwise), so we’re saving this one too.

Round One: Storage = 3, Korea = 0

Round Two

Bubba keg, head scratcher, potty pads and Brutus rubber duck.

Bubba keg: Though this thing has provided some strong beverages for Bingo at the Czech center next door, we just don’t have a lot of space in Korea and don’t plan to be playing BYOB Bingo over there. So this guy got packed for storage.

Head scratcher: My in-laws have a knack for awesome gifts. I seriously love this thing. To Korea it comes! Don’t laugh until someone has actually rubbed your head with one of these.

Potty pads: Trick question! The dogs need something to, erm, accompany them on the flight over, so we will actually use these in transport! Gross moment over.

Brutus the duck: Sadly, we will not have an OSU themed bathroom (not saying we do now…) in Korea, so Brutus will sit it out in a box for a couple years.

Round Two: Storage = 2, Korea = 1

Round Three

Excerpts from a high school memory album.

I found this awesome reminder of how lucky I was to have my high school friends. Thanks, Kayla! :-) Sadly, along with my other scrapbooks and yearbooks, this guy needed to be safely stored with our valuables.

Round Three: Storage = 1, Korea = 0

Alright, let’s take a moment and evaluate the lesson above, Storage = 6, Korea = 1?? …I think it’s about time to try a new lifestyle: minimalism. Seriously, America, we need to not hoard so much STUFF! Life is in the experiences, #amiright?

Some more photos from the move:

Closet, master bedroom and upstairs bedroom.

Downstairs bedroom, kitchen, and the custom made crates for the bikes in the garage.

The living room, including the couch that was taken apart into three pieces and wrapped up. I told J “Good luck getting this thing put back together!” :-)

Anyhow, our house now sits (mostly) empty, and I’ll say at least one of our furkids (guess who?) is quite anxious about the change of scenery. The house is so empty, in fact, that J has to go ask our neighbor for some pillows since the movers took our pillows. But don’t worry, we have pillowcases.

P.S. Get excited, Mom, we underestimated how much space we had in our air shipment, so guess what just had to come early with us? (For those of you who don’t recognize this, it’s my craft box!)

2 responses to “Moving day(s)”

  1. Eileen Prilutski

    Amanda – these pictures of packing your house brought back so many memories of our move to the Netherlands; including the one “sea” box. You will be very excited when that sea box reaches your new home! You really look very organized and organized you need to be for an international move. Good luck to both of you and to your furr kids!!!

  2. kathy

    can’t imagine- it was hard enough to move down here and sort through 42 years of accumulations.

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