Philippines: Canyoning (aka Waterfall Climbing)

If you haven’t read yet, the big crushing blow on our recent Philippines adventure was that we wouldn’t get to go waterfall rappelling. Sara and I (and J too, probably) had been dreaming of doing this for months and unfortunately, our vacation dates just matched up with a low pressure front in the area, which meant rain, and lots of it. The problem with the rain is that the waterfalls were overflowing to the point of danger, and it was better to not risk drowning. Even though we were well aware of this, we were still a bit skeptical that they called off our second chance the next day, as the morning was pretty clear. In any case, what can’t go down, must go UP!

Thankfully, we had a fantastic local guide at Freediving Philippines who offered to take us canyoning after we did the Whale Shark adventure. Wolfgang and his partner Gadie took us to the exact waterfall which we would have rappelled down, and let me tell you, after seeing that water pressure, we were much more satisfied with the decision not to go. We were a little terrified, can you tell? Getting good at the GoPro selfie, though!


To continue our day of adventure, though, we had Wolfgang guide us through some of that intense water pressure and climbed up through the rocks. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss any humiliating falls – trust me, I’d tell you about it. This was mostly thanks to trusty water shoes lent to me by my friend Hannah. We were careful to let the guys try first and got some help coming down. I’m not referring to traditional gender roles here, I’m just bad at self-sacrifice.

Note that it’s probably not a good idea to go canyoning in just your swimsuit, especially if you’re a little self conscious about some parts of your body being on display. Then again, what woman isn’t? The issue here is that getting pelted with water and climbing up and down giant rocks doesn’t lend itself to the most flattering photos.


Sara and J were brave enough to take on a 2 meter jump off a giant rock into a pool at the bottom of one of the waterfalls. They were instructed on proper jumping technique (feet first, of course) and executed quite well. When it comes to jumping in natural bodies of water, I have an irrational fear of cracking my head open on rocks at the bottom, so I passed.



After all the exhilarating waterfall domination, we had a chance to relax in some natural hot springs near the entrance of the park. Though it smelled a bit like sulfur (mmmm!), we enjoyed it as much as a hot tub! Don’t mind the pole – another GoPro selfie strategy. Maybe I should rename this post “The (Failed) Art of using a GoPro”.


Now back to the photo editing – I’ve got one more post of the Philippines to share with you!

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    I would like to tell you that I enjoy reading all you blogs.

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