SAK: Back in Action!

Guess who’s back?

This past weekend, I was reunited with two of my best friends from high school, Sara and Kayla. Although we were missing one crucial member, our small group has always self-identified as “SAAK” for obvious reasons, and this time our adventures find us across the world in Asia. You’ve met Kayla, her husband and her adorable corgi Crater, as we spent Thanksgiving with them a few months ago. This time around it was a girl’s weekend together including my maid of honor, Sara, who is visiting all the way from good old Columbus, Ohio! We spent time catching up and enjoying the sites of Seoul.

Clearly, this required taking selfies, as any social media-savvy young adult does these days. Aren’t we gorgeous?

Seoul Tower, enjoying some “American” barbeque and squinting in the Myeongdong sun.

For me, a perk of wandering north to Seoul is the amazing variety of food. A friend in Ulsan recommended stopping at Butterfinger Pancakes, a brunch restaurant, which Ulsan is very much lacking. This place offered enormous stacks of pancakes, only dwarfed by the amount of food offered on the rest of the menu. We went with two sharing-size platters to taste nearly all of their concoctions – waffles, multi-flavored pancakes, all kinds of compote toppings, sausage, eggs, and potatoes. One of the pancakes in our giant stack was cream cheese and mozzarella flavored, which intrigued us yet sounded sort of gross all at the same time. Most of us agreed that it actually tasted really good! Everyone had a different favorite, but let me tell you, you can’t go wrong in this joint. You even get to choose from different types of butter and syrup!


Don’t get me wrong, I can make a good pancake or waffle on my own, but there is just something about having it made for you and not having to look at all the butter you put in it yourself. Here’s the after shot:


Another highlight of the weekend was finally experiencing “Dr. Fish”, an interesting Asian “spa treatment” to exfoliate your feet. Now, if you know my best friend, you know that she hates feet – I mean, has an irrational disliking of anything to do with feet. So, it may surprise you that we were able to get her to submerge her feet in a tank full of flesh-eating fish! Ok, that’s a harsh description; let’s say more of a gentle exfoliation.

Kayla mentioned the idea to me a couple months ago, and I didn’t really know how in the world she would pull it off, but I have to hand it to her – taking Sara to a coffee shop that “just so happened” to have Dr. Fish services available was genius, even if Sara sort of got an idea of what we might be doing when we walked in and there was a giant ad for Dr. Fish. It helped that Kayla’s birthday was on Monday and the request for full participation was sold as a birthday gift.


Sara was a great sport, even though you could tell she was ever so slightly uncomfortable. Despite the wiggly fish and the weird tickly feeling of them gnawing on your dead skin, we had a lot of fun, and definitely a good laugh.


After Dr. Fish we got to squeeze in some of my favorite food – Mexican! After our last visit to Seoul, I insisted on more Vatos Urban Tacos. I was one happy camper with all the yummy food I got to eat this weekend; skipping boot camp, however, is not helping me recover from my extended food coma.


With a belly full of wonderful food and a heart full of more great memories, I hopped a train back to Ulsan with Sara in tow to show her around town for the week. So far, we’ve been shopping, eating and bowling, but tomorrow we depart for an even more exciting destination. It involves sharks, belaying on a harness, and potentially a lot of pizza. Hopefully the view is as good as the pictures:


Maybe a hammock and a sand grain or two might also sneak into our weekend. Here’s the forecast:


What do you think? I can’t wait to tell you all about our upcoming adventure!

3 responses to “SAK: Back in Action!”

  1. Jane

    Bummer that there is rain in the forecast Have a great time but the mother in me is also saying BE SAFE!

  2. mom

    love that you girls got together — enjoy the weekend in (I won’t spoil the surprise for your readers) — and keep posting pictures! Jane — I’m so over telling Amanda to be safe — who on earth allows their child to move half way across the world anyway?? Love to you all!

  3. Lauren

    Looks like soooo much fun!!!!

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