We <3 logistics

You will never understand bureaucracies until you understand that for bureaucrats, procedure is everything, and outcomes are nothing.
-Thomas Sowell

Friends, if you miss me or haven’t heard from me recently, here’s why: I’ve been on the phone.

Five 1-800 numbers, nine customer service representatives, three paper prescriptions, two pharmacies, one insurance company, and many, many hours later… I am still waiting for insurance approval to get some large prescriptions dispensed to last me at least my first year in Asia. Here I thought moving the dogs was going to be the most difficult logistical task of the relocation, but I’ve got to hand it to the government on this one, at least there is an exact process to follow and the information is clear and available. Also, getting a work visa, as anyone who has moved abroad will tell you, is definitely a cumbersome and difficult process, but it can also be done by following instructions. But forget everything you thought about healthcare and expect no grace when it comes to low dose, non-narcotic prescription drugs!!

J teases me because I have so many more health-related issues to take care of compared to him. Let’s see, there’s the small factor of being a woman, then there is my poor eyesight and lovely family that gave me terrific skin genes, plus the silly mouthguard I have to wear at night from clenching my teeth! It never ends. Really, what all of this means is that I have to run around from doctor to doctor to dentist (5 offices in all), trying to get each of them to fill out forms and write me prescriptions with very specific language in order to get them filled by the insurance company …that then won’t allow me to get what I need without 5 prior authorizations… I digress. Let’s be grateful for good health and access to the type of care that is available through employer-based insurance in the US. But I’ll be totally honest, it’s hard to be grateful for my crappy eye insurance, the awkward relationships between medical assistants and my doctors, traffic and parking in the medical center and the non-existent communication between departments at Medco. It’s a zoo over here!

In other news, we are counting down to moving day, and my Notes app looks like this:

That’s just the first half. And for every item I knock out, I add something else. So instead of worrying about my to-do list, naturally, I am focusing on my mission to eat as much Mexican food as possible before I leave so that I won’t miss it for 2 years. Breakfast burrito, check.

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  1. Kristene

    Having worked in corporate America and government for 27 years, I am immune to bring surprised by bureaucracy. As for your genes, I was found on the doorstep so not sure who to blame there! Looking forward to this weekend!

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