What to do when your dog locks you out: Or, “My Afternoon”

So, I always thought dog shaming photos were funny, but ours never really did anything crazy enough to require such public humiliation. Until today, friends – today was the day.

Well, where do I begin? It’s rather simple. My Korean agency rep came over to help me sort out a mail situation. The post office had texted me (in Korean, of course), that a package was waiting for me in the drop box – that cool machine outside our building that we’ve been trying to figure out. Of course, the locker box machine operates entirely in Korean, so I needed some help. The package turned out to be the waffle maker I ordered on Gmarket as J’s Christmas present. But wow, I’m getting off track.

So my rep came over, and I shut the dogs in our bedroom as usual, since Koreans aren’t accustomed to greeting dogs at the door. Usually I put them in their crates in the bedroom, but I thought to myself, “eh, they’ll be alright for a few minutes.” Wrong I was.

Steve Urkel voice: “Did we do that?”.

The “little” guy on the left there got so excited that he jumped up on the door handle (while it was closed), and managed to push in the lock pin. Great.

My agency rep and I fiddled with 2 different screwdrivers and two sizes of Allen wrenches, but lo and behold, the lock was jammed. So, since my phone was locked away with the pups, my agency rep called the agency that facilitates our apartment rental to come help fix it. Two hours later, the second agency sent two kind, young Korean women to help fix the problem.

Do you ever get frustrated when you ask someone for help because you tell them you attempted a certain solution and then they go ahead and try the same solution themselves? For the next 15 minutes, the girls tried to open the lock –
I tried that method… and that method… and yes, I examined the lock in the other bedroom to see what I may be doing wrong… yup, did that too…
– before determining (SURPRISE!) that the lock is jammed and a technician should come fix it. Did it really take 2 hours and 15 minutes to do that? Yes, yes it did.

So, one of the girls from the agency called down to the apartment complex office, and a technician arrived in about 10 minutes to fix it. He also tried the Allen wrench method, but determined within about 30 seconds that the only solution was to drill a hole through the door.

The only thing scarier than the pliers was the drill.

In the back of my mind, of course, I wondered how much we’d have to pay for this. Especially when he had to drill three different holes through the doorknob (through thick stainless steel) and use two different sets of pliers to pull the thing off. Twenty minutes more, and we were in business. He removed the doorknob, I ran in to put the dogs in their crates, and then he began the replacement process.

Damage done.

35,000 won later (about $35 USD), we have a new doorknob that doesn’t match the others, and a huge mess of steel shavings on the floor. No, he didn’t bother to clean it up. And we don’t own a broom. Fun afternoon project for me!

I’ve never purchased a new doorknob before!

So, how do you survive a lockout caused by your best furry friend?
1. Laugh
2. Realize you need professional help
3. Let said professional break your door to get in
4. Wonder how much it will cost you
5. Be relieved when it’s only the doorknob needing repair
6. Pay up
7. Take a picture (preferably of the dog-shaming nature)
8. Laugh some more

3 responses to “What to do when your dog locks you out: Or, “My Afternoon””

  1. Patti Tobias

    I saw some pictures of your dogs posted by Red Collar Rescue. Loved this post and the dog-shaming picture! Sure is a beautiful bad dog! :)

  2. Kathy

    Minnie looked somewhat ashamed, but Murray did not. He looked like “What took you so long?” I think next time I would make them use the cages. Be sure to tell them that Grandma is disappointed in them!

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