What’s for dinner?

Blogging helps me control the stress of moving… or at least I’m telling myself that. So, given that fact, and since you’re all wondering, here’s a very, very brief recap of our last 2 months in food:

Obviously, when in Korea, you must try authentic Korean barbeque:

Our first official Korean barbecue experience, complete with kimchi, garlic and a giant exhaust vent.

Our meal was complete with an entire bowl of garlic (second most popular condiment behind kimchi) to roast on the grill along with thin strips of Korean beef and various veggies. It makes for an interesting spread once they bring everything out.

Then, the next most obvious restaurant to try in Korea is the place that makes wood-fired pizzas… yum!

And who thought they could survive two years without good pizza?

And here’s proof that whenever I try something new, I have to make a weird face in order to combat my nervousness.

My first shot of soju (Korean liquor), my first bite of kimchi, and my first chimaek (chicken and beer) with the awesome giant beer mugs. Yes, they are meant to serve multiple people. And no, I didn’t drink all of that.

…Except for the time that I had real sashimi (raw fish for those of you who don’t often eat Japanese food) without anyone who actually knows me to be there to witness it:

I ate that with a smile… raw fish and octopus! And a clean plate to prove it!

And then there was that time I attempted completely homemade butternut squash ravioli. Other than the dough being way too thick, it actually turned out ok!

My attempt at homemade pasta without a pasta machine. Not so smart for a pasta making virgin.

So, as you can see, we’ve run the gamut of various foods, from cooking pork tenderloin and green beans at home, or trying two different Indian restaurants in town (both quite good). We, ok at least me (J goes out for lunch a lot), haven’t really dug into Korean food. So far it doesn’t seem to be our thing. At least not when there’s a Baskin Robbins just over on the corner.

5 responses to “What’s for dinner?”

  1. Mom

    thie girl who wouldn’t try plain old american salad growing up now eats raw fish and octopus?

  2. Courtney Adcock

    I love this :)

  3. Diane

    Hey, Amanda and Jeff,

    good job on the ravoli- try using wonton wrappers- fast easy and cheap

    love the blog


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