Zipping It Up

In the end, only three things matter:
how much you loved,
how gently you lived,
and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


These days, we sure are learning the importance and beauty of that last portion of Buddhist wisdom. Though a few weeks have passed now, it doesn’t feel like long since we found out we are headed back to Houston a bit earlier than planned. Isn’t that life though? Just when you think you’ve got it figured out. Turns out our journey in Asia will come to an end soon, and I might just have to do a little re-branding around here!

If you’ve wondered what we’ve been up to, recent days have been filled with list-making, box-checking, packing, a bit of anxiety, a lot of questioning and a lot of leaning on each other. Instead of painfully detailing the whole journey, I’ll tell you that moving back home from abroad is just as hard as moving in the first place.

We’re a little more familiar with the expat moving process now, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it much easier. We’ve got just as much stuff to take back as we brought, but our hearts have gotten much more full with new friends, who will make goodbye more painful than we could have imagined. Our circumstances are not the most favorable, but we’ve really discovered the strength of our relationships as we’ve dealt with this turbulence. The first of many thank yous is owed to our close circle both here and at home who have kept our chins up, distracted us from the noise, and reminded us we are loved. You know who you are! 😉

We’ll be taking another hiatus as we travel to be with family and decompress after a really challenging month. Now that we’re mostly packed and the suitcases are ready to be zipped up, I have time to write about a more lighthearted topic – ziplining in Thailand!

After our Bangkok adventures, we made our way north to Chiang Mai on a cheap Bangkok Airways flight. I’m telling you, these Asian airlines know where it’s at! Great service and lots of comfort for a reasonable price tag. We had all kinds of fun things planned for our few days in the mountains and set up shop at a B&B called Shewe Wana. It wasn’t the best of places but it did the trick.


We didn’t hesitate to get our adrenaline pumping on the area’s most famous ziplines with Flight of the Gibbon. It’s a very popular company around Chiang Mai, and I’ll be honest, I was afraid it would be a bit kitschy and touristy. Still, our previous experience ziplining in the California redwoods and the Costa Rican rainforest made this a must-do.


Thailand proved to be up to speed with past experiences – we had a blast! [Also, we agreed the lunch served afterward was some of the best and most unique Thai food we had all trip.]


There’s a certain rush from flying in the open air no matter where you are or who you’re with.


However, monkeying around like kids in a treehouse with two of our favorite friends for a couple hours is an special kind of fun.


The Thai (rain?)forest is beautiful and we enjoyed our fair share of contact with the wilderness…


…and the acrobatics were just as amazing. Watching Erin and Eric put on a show was quite entertaining. Cirque du Soleil here we come??


We also got the chance to go down some double runs for the first time, where we got hooked in and screamed our heads off together.


Though it did not show off my athletic “ability”, we all really enjoyed the Spiderman-style line where we got hooked in by our backs and landed in a net. No photos to show for that but check it out in the video below. I’m particularly proud of this one, I’m pretty sure it’s my best yet. [And like many other things, good ones still to come.]

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  1. Anonymous

    Safe travels home. Best wishes on your new journey. Love ya, Aunt Lucinda & Uncle Mike

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